About The Product

New Look Surfacing uses a range of resin-bonded and resin-bound aggregate products. Resin based surfaces offer a cost-effective alternative to block paving, concrete, asphalt and loose gravel.

In domestic properties these products are typically used for driveways, footpaths, patios and swimming pool surrounds.

What is Stone Resin Bound? 

Stone Resin bound is aggregates, of sizes ranging from 1mm to 6mm, mixed with a two-part polyurethane resin and then applied to a suitable base. The VUBA resin we use as a company is UV stable, so you will not have fading. It is incredibly strong and fast curing allowing for a much more durable driveway than other suppliers resin. It has also been accredited the BBA award which is a comprehensive independent test for durability, strength and stability, permeability and is an ongoing quality assurance. 

What are the suitable bases for Stone Resin? 

With Stone Resin Bound you have two options: an Overlay and A Dig Out. Should you be fortunate enough to currently have decent quality tarmac or concrete already down in the area you are looking to resin, then with a few menial tasks, we can overlay it. 

However, due to the stone resin bound’s permeability a better base for it is something similarly porous. This allows for better drainage, no water damage, and no moss growth. Here at Newlook we offer two options: Porous concrete or VubaMac Base.  

Porous concrete is a specific method of concrete laying which requires no fines in the mix allowing water to pass through. Easily able to take 7.5 tons, this base is ideal for driveways and commercial areas.  

VubaMac Base is a mixture of recycled railway binder and resin, with layers of SRM stabilising grids to give incredible strength. VubaMac and the final layer of stone resin can be laid on the same day, decreasing the time we take on a job. Stronger than normal tarmac and quick to use, this is an excellent product for driveways and patios. 

Do we offer warranties? 

Newlook Surfacing are classed as Elite Installers with VUBA Resin Products. This classification is given to installers of the highest quality and ones they trust after seeing numerous jobs. Because of their trust in us and our use of only quality materials and practices, for all dig outs we offer 10-year warranties! This gives you peace of mind, that the job will not only be great looking but durable too. 

Can you do designs in the Stone Resin? 

As the stone resin is flexible when being laid, we can incorporate, logos, shapes, numbers, and designs into your job making it uniquely yours. Around edges we can have contrasting resin colours or concrete bricks of which there are vast amounts of choice allowing us to create YOUR dream driveway. We also offer a service which can virtually reimagine your driveway as what it is going to look like with stone resin bound.  

Why choose Newlook Surfacing? 

We are incredibly passionate about Stone Resin Bound and with over a decade of experience in not only stone resin bound, but all kinds of landscaping and groundworks we have the ability and knowledge to create your dream space for years to come. We are a small team of like-minded workers which allows us to fully concentrate on each customers driveway as if it were our own.  

Will I need planning for my driveway? 

If a new or replacement driveway of any size uses permeable (or porous) surfacing which allows water to drain through or if the rainwater is directed to a lawn or border to drain naturally, planning permission will not be required. Having rainwater instantly filter through the driveway is much better for the environment too and reduces the likelihood of flooding.